Censa International College

Learn a language that makes you PROUD!

fall in love with our method

Native teachers

Your classes will be taught by english native teachers, certified for teaching english as a second language. That's how you will learn the perfect pronunciation, without any accent.

Semi-personalized classes

Our group classes are designed for a maximum of 8 students per class, that means a faster learning rhythm in comparison to a regular class.

Cool learning environment!

Our boutique-type infraestructure is adapted specifically for language learning. Enjoy some good music, the perfect temperature and, why not? a tasty cup of coffee before getting into your class, that one goes on us!

Digital platforms to practice

Our courses include the perfect digital match, where you will be able to practice all language skills wherever you are.

You'll really love our classes

We understand that the brain decreases its learning rhythm if involved in monotonous and repetitive classes. We are sure that you'll love each of our classes and will never feel bored.

Get certified internationally

If your dream is studying in a university abroad, you can take our IELTS preparation course or TOEFL preparation course, these exams will get you a better aspirant for your undergraduate or graduate program.

“The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”

‒Ludwig Wittgenstein

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